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10 Reasons We Love Las Vegas – Six Hearts Photography


We’ve heard a few people say they didn’t see the big deal with Vegas and we wanted to set the record straight and protect this beautiful party town from such horrid slander. SO, we’re here with 10 Reasons We Love Las Vegas.

Straight to it.


1. Freedom

Vegas has this wonderful freedom that many many places in the country do not have. Alcohol consumption is allowed in public (with the exception of 1,000 feet from churches and schools, duh)  in Clark County, Nevada. You can’t even bar hop in Los Angeles or New York with your drink.

Las-Vegas-Photography-Schellie-and-William-2013-Famous-William-Company-26 12142345_1059384884092808_1374862984_n


2. Free parking

We got a rental car the last time we were in Vegas and drove everywhere and didn’t pay for parking once – not in the hotel parking decks, not in the shared parking lots all around, no where. It Atlanta, and pretty much every other big city we’ve been to, you can expect to pay for parking at about 4/10 places you go. (that’s just some statistic we made up based on our experience)



3. Always a show to see or something to do

With a strip full of hotels and restaurants, you can also expect them to be full of shows. Magic Shows, Burlesque, Concerts, Everything. There’s Freemont Street, The Wax Museum, etc.



4. Britney Spears

Britney chose this as her permanent residence. If it’s suitable for the Queen, it’s suitable for me.


5. Everyone is there for a good time

Who goes to or lives in Vegas that doesn’t like a good time?



6. World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel

Just click here to read more.


7. Scenery

The scenery is gorgeous. Mountains, Deserts, blue skies.



8. So many pretty lights and colors

Las-Vegas-Photography-Schellie-and-William-2013-Famous-William-Company-19 Las-Vegas-Photography-Schellie-and-William-2013-Famous-William-Company-20 Las-Vegas-Photography-Schellie-and-William-2013-Famous-William-Company-23


9. The Clubs

There is a club in every hotel, men and women strip clubs, and so many ways to get crunk.

11934715_1643618209210951_1841489217_n 11881834_1709351485955350_1679203657_n


10. What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

11910002_334980806694008_846491208_n Las-Vegas-Photography-Schellie-and-William-2013-Famous-William-Company-17


With all these pros, who wouldn’t love Vegas?




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