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Getting Drunk On A Budget in Atlanta – A Review of 6 Bars + A List of More – Schelliam


Hey there!

We live in the suburbs of Atlanta in an small/average sized city called Carrollton. We have a downtown area, Adamson Square, with roughly 13 or so bars – all serving (you are going to shit your pants at this unbelievable-ness) DOLLAR BEERS. Yas, that’s right. Dolla dolla bill, ya’ll. AND, you can bar hop with your drink around the square – but that’s another blog post for another time.We could go on and on about how much we love our little city but then this post wouldn’t teach you how to get drunk on a budget in Atlanta like the title said. (But us telling you about our home base serves a point, we promise)

We are so used to paying $1 for single beers and $3-5 for pitchers in Carrollton that when we are elsewhere, we kinda bum out about paying more than 3 dollars for a single beer. Just, no. (told you telling you about Carrollton had a point – backstory) Cuz who wants to pay more than 3 dollas for a drink even if they have the dollas?

So, we’ve made it our mission to find restaurants and bars with cheap drinks in all of the cities we visit and thought we’d start with sharing our own backyard with you.

You tryna’ ball on a budget in Atlanta? We got you.


$1 Beers – just like at home. *happy sigh* They also have delicious Pizza (seriously, you have to try!), a lounge area, arcade games, a dope patio running along a trail, murals, and more. Our go to dive bar in Atlanta.

drunk in atlanta on a budget 7


We don’t just love Yeah! Burger for their delicious grass-fed burgers and fresh made fries – they also have $1 Beers on Wednesdays and Thursdays! (Wednesday = $1 PBRs + .50 Wings / Thursday = $1 Coronitas, Miller High Life, and Miller Lite)

Sitting on their patio with a dollar beer is beyond delightful. As the day starts to die down and the moon comes out, head on over to Moe’s and Joe’s - it’s not only in walking distance but you can actually see it from Yeah!

drunk in atlanta on a budget 2


They have $3.50 pitchers of Pabst on Tuesdays and $2 PBRs on Wednesdays. The space is large and they also have a patio.

If you’re trying to hit Yeah! Burger and here in the same day, Humpday is your best day.

drunk in atlanta on a budget 3


Noni’s is great for date night or a business meeting. $3 PBR/High Life and a stylish vintage lounge area makes this place trendy as all get out. If you haven’t been here, quit procrastinating and join the hipsters in the A.

drunk in atlanta on a budget 5

Right down the road from Noni’s is Church.


You can officially tell your Grandmother that you frequent Church, Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium, that is. Full of religious art with commentary painted over the top, this place is an endless array of visual humor. There’s an UPSTAIRS – yay. Wanna know what’s up there? Killer lounge areas, more art, and PING PONG TABLES. Grab a seat at the bar, order off of their $3 beer menu, and enjoy the cup of gold fish they give you to snack on.

drunk in atlanta on a budget 4

Right by Noni’s and Church in Edgewood is a dope ass mural you can’t pass by without a photo. (We know you can’t get drunk off this wall but had to share!)

drunk in atlanta on a budget 1


The Crazy Horse is possibly our favorite on this list. The deals are unreal. As soon as you enter, you see large posters displaying their special – a bucket of 5 beers and 10 wings for $20 bucks. Date night on the cheap – cha ching. Not only are their wings great, but they also have Sky (authentic!) Sushi made by Scottie (spelling?), an older Japanese man who stowed away in a storage container to get into America as a young boy (according to the manager who we chatted up for a while). Let’s not forget the best part, though. THE GIRLS. Grab a $10 dance from Innocence, a contortionist who will show you the most incredible parts of herself in the most incredible ways. Serious stuff.

drunk in atlanta on a budget 6

After visiting 6 bars and collecting info, we figured it was time to share our list with you – so those are all of the places we have specifics and photos on for ya.

Here are a few more places we have yet to visit. If you do/have, let us known how ya like em!


“When it rains, we pour” is the saying at Park Tavern at Piedmont Park. (We’ve been here – we just don’t have any photos to share with ya.) If it rains a certain amount before 4:00 pm they serve $1 beers. Rain is good for more than one thing. ;)


$3 PBRs


$3 PBRs



$2.50 PBR

Until next time!


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